Third Time’s A Charm

When I first got wind of Pitch Perfect I thought i was some sort of baseball movie. Of course after viewing the flick I knew different and I absolutely loved it. The mix of old and new was fantastic. Props to the studio for great casting, with the likes of Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Skylar Austin along with many excellent supporting actors. … More Third Time’s A Charm

Destiny 2, What I Know

Destiny is an odd game for me, at first i thought nothing of it. A bit of a letdown and way to much grind, but after the addition of “The Taken King” that all changed. I found myself absorbed in the weapon cycle and constant chaos of the Crucible. In short, I was hooked and the recent news of Destiny 2 sent my gamer heart aflutter, September 8th can not come soon enough. With that said I figured why not compile the new features coming with Destiny 2. … More Destiny 2, What I Know