Resident Evil Movie Reboot

Surprisingly the Resident Evil movie series is getting a re-boot.

This news seems shocking at first seeing as the series was panned by critics and seen as lackluster by viewers, but considering this series has made $1.2 billion worldwide and the “Final Chapter” made $312 million, it starts to make more sense.

Personally I have a certain fondness for these movies although I don’t know why.

Honestly the lack of success in the U.S. isn’t really an issue for Constantin Film, the German company that owns the rights to the series, because foreign box-office grosses are becoming more and more important for the film industry.

Anderson the man who wrote all six of the Resident Evil movies and directed four of them had long ago announced that The Final Chapter would be the end of the series a statement which was echoed by Mila Jovovich.

Currently Anderson is working on a film adaptation of the popular game series Monster Hunter.

Even with the statement from Anderson the Constantin chairman Martin Moszkowicz confirmed that the company is at work on a reboot, sadly no details were revealed.


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